Universal Joints in Cars

How a Universal Joint Is Used In a Car

Does your car make noise from below? If yes, there are chances your universal joint is worn. Replacing it early enough will help save you lots of money. Although replacement of universal joint can at times seem like a tall task, it is possible to have it done by a novice mechanic using standard tools. Below is a process on how to use universal joints in a car.

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Identify the drive shaft

First, you need to get to the universal joints. You can achieve this by removing the drive shaft. In case your drive shaft is attached to the axle type bolts, you can proceed to remove the drive shaft end. Axle type bolts refer to bolts circle with either Allen or hex heads.

Remove Drive Shaft

You can remove the drive shaft by removing the two bolts, the two halves and the hold of the universal joint. The drive shaft will quickly drop after it is removed.

Remove the Snap Rings or the C-Clips

Clips are of two types which help in holding the universal joint together. One of the clip types is the Spicer snap. Standard C-clip is the other type and removing them is quite easy. The steps are similar; it does not matter which clip your vehicle is using.

Squeeze the ends of the snap rings together using a special removal tool or pliers. They should come out without any problems. However, if corroded, you might need to soak the universal joint using penetrant.

Press the Joint out and bearing

After removing the driveshaft, it's time to remove the joint together with its bearing. Mount the end in the vice and tap the bearing through far to ensure the joint drops out. A spark plug socket can be an excellent tapping tool. Tap on the socket top firmly using a hammer until the entire thing is pressed far enough to be in a position of popping it out.

Get the Bearing cup from the Universal Joint

Remove the bearing cup while the joint is tapped through. This will make it possible for you to do away with the loose joint.

Insert the New UV joint

Insert the new piece in after removing the old joint center. There is a possibility that the new center will assemble differently when compared to the old one. Majority of the replacement joints do have a different look. Before reinstalling, ensure that you lubricate all the parts you can reach. However, never over pack the assembly using grease since it can make some parts to fail.

Put in New Clips

Since the assembly pack is almost together, it is now time to reinstall the c-clips or the snap rings that the universal joints are using.

Reinstall the Driveshaft

You are now through! Repair the damage to use the old auto. The reverse of removal is installation. You can now proceed and install the driveshaft using the new universal joint that will be offering you years of service.